created at La Colline
Anne Marie the Beauty

[Anne Marie the Beauty]


written and directed by Yasmina Reza

from 5 march to 5 april 2020 - Small Theater

Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm, Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday at 4pm

recess on Sunday 8 March

Anne-Marie Mille didn’t have a figure for cinema. She says so herself. It was her friend from her early days, Giselle Fayolle, who achieved the recognition all actors dream about.

When Giselle dies, Anne-Marie starts talking about their lives. Their childhood in Saint-Sourd, in the North of France, the bedroom in the rue des Rondeaux, the Théâtre de Clichy, the characters they played, the glory and the domestic banality.

Anne Marie La Beauté tells us about the sorrow and the joy of a life in theatre, the coldness of the lights and the forgetful walls. It’s also a tribute to those who remained in the dark and believed in their lucky star, to the forgotten, amongst which some shined.

équipe artistique

written and directed by Yasmina Reza

performed by André Marcon

staging assistantOriane Fischer

scenography Emmanuel Clolus

with the painter Orjan Wikstrom

lighting Dominique Bruguière

costumes Marie La Rocca

hair and make-up Cécile Kretschmar

Photo © Pascal Victor
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La Colline – théâtre national


The text Anne Marie the Beauty (Anne-Marie la Beauté in French) by Yasmina Reza will be published in January 2020 by Flammarion

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