Data Mossoul

text and staging by Joséphine Serre

from 18 September to 12 October 2019 - Small Theater

from Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm, Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday at 4pm.

Modern Europe is inhabited by a contradictory fear, which still torments us. On the one hand, the fear of the uncontrolled proliferation of writings, the accumulation of useless books, the disorder of discourse. On the other hand, the fear of loss, lack, forgetfulness.

Patrick Boucheron (quoting Roger Chartier)

"Ce que peut l’histoire"

Just like a kaleidoscope, Data Mossoul stages: a web engineer whose lost part of her memory, a librarian who collects anonymous writings, an archeologist and Ashurbanipal, an Assyrian king and scribe. Each in their own geographical space, time and civilization, these four characters are connected by the concepts of preservation of narratives and transmission of History. Through this journey, we will also encounter Gilgamesh, a historical Sumerian king who is devoured by his eagerness to reach immortality and the first hero in the history of humanity. 

Data Mossoul is a play which tackles the power of writing in its relation to the intimate but also to memory, civilization, time, the Other, life, death and absence. Confusion between information and truth, proliferation of images, the pathway towards what could be called privatization of memory are all themes which Josephine Serre explores within the meanders of her trip through the writing or the rewriting of History. 

artistic team

text and staging Joséphine Serre

with Guillaume Compiano, Xavier Czapla, Camille Durand‑Tovar, Vanasay Khamphommala, Édith Proust, Joséphine Serre

artistic associate Pauline Ribat

picture staging and video  Véronique Caye

sound designer Frédéric Minière

scenography Anne-Sophie Grac

costumes Suzanne Veiga-Gomes

lighting Pauline Guyonnet

multimedia advisor Enzo Maggi

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compagnie L’Instant Propice, Laboratoire Victor Vérité
coproduction La Colline – théâtre national
in partnership with Les Plateaux SauvagesLe Carreau du TempleLe Théâtre de la BastilleLa Chartreusele CNES – Centre national des écritures du spectacle


Matérialité de la mémoire

samedi 28 septembre à 15h à la médiathèque Marguerite Duras (Paris 20e)

Rencontre avec Joséphine Serre, auteure et metteure en scène, Kai Salas Rossenbach, chargé des programmes de recherche stratégiques France et Europe à l'Inrap et Yves Ubelmann, fondateur et président d'Iconem, start-up spécialisée dans la sauvegarde digitale des sites historiques en danger.

entrée libre sur réservation au 01 44 62 52 00 ou à
Médiathèque Marguerite Duras – 115 rue de Bagnolet, Paris 20e


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