Fractures The Silence of Men

text and staging D' de Kabal

from 20 March to 13 April 2019 - Small Theater

from Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm, Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday at 4pm

Do you know the difference between an injury and a crack? The crack, it is permanent, however slight it may be, a crack does not heal or heal... What is cracked gives the feeling that it can break at any time.

D’ de Kabal

A rapper, a slammer, a writer and a stage director, D’ de Kabal has been going around music venues, festivals, theatres and writing workshops for almost 20 years. 
Having worked on how an identity builds itself when its main structure is the history of colonial slavery and its consequences having questioned what it is to be the victim of racist acts or words, he now explores a new field of thought, equally close to who he is : the notion of masculinity and the mechanisms of its construction. D’ de Kabal has been writing, listening, researching this subject since 2015. His has also dialogued with other men during workshops he created and calls: Laboratories of Deconstructing and Redefining Masculinity by Art and the Sensitive.
He says : “It was not about gathering mens’ words to make a show. More than anything else, these laboratories, allowed me to get closer to myself and to talk about subjects, which, until then, didn’t have a space to exist.”

In order, to embody his first creation at La Colline, D’ de Kabal calls on strong artists, either by their presence, either by the instruments they play (voices, machines, electric guitars, body, video). Hence, he questions: construction of masculinity in its foundation and virility worn like a protection, both of which industrially produce dominants and carry, what he calls, “masculine fundamentalism”. 

artistic team

text and staging D' de Kabal

with Astrid Cathala, D’ de Kabal, Didier Firmin, Franco Mannara

staging associate and dramaturgEmanuela Pace

music D’ de Kabal et Franco Mannara

artistic associate Noémie Rosenblatt

lighting  Maud Villeval

sound designer Thierry Cohen

costumes Sonia De Sousa

video Sean Hart

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writing workshop with Aleph

Saturday, March 23, Aleph-Ecriture offers an open writing workshop, led by Catherine Benhamou, followed by a meeting.
Schedules :
15h-18 : Open writing workshop around the text of the show
6pm-7pm: meeting with D' de Kabal
8pm: Show
Price: 35 € (includes access to the show and the workshop)
information   :

Rencontre avec D’ de Kabal

D’ de Kabal présente la genèse du spectacle, en dialogue avec un collaborateur, lors d’une rencontre publique à la bibliothèque Oscar-Wilde le vendredi 29 mars, de 17h à 18h.

entrée libre
Bibliothèque Oscar-Wilde – 12 rue du Télégraphe, Paris 20e

Rencontre avec D’ de Kabal – House of Consent

Le Pavillon des Canaux et La Colline vous invitent à un échange avec l’auteur et metteur en scène D’ de Kabal autour de la plate-forme en ligne House of Consent. Ce nouveau média pédagogique, imaginé et mis en place par Éloïse Bouton, journaliste et militante féministe, et D’ de Kabal a pour objectif d’informer sur les thématiques du consentement, de la sexualité, de la violence, et de leurs interactions rarement interrogées.
rencontre proposée dans le cadre du festival Pop Meuf au Pavillon des Canaux
samedi 30 mars de 15h à 16h au Pavillon des canaux
entrée libre sur réservation ouverte à partir du 4 mars

La Pavillon des canaux

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