The Imaginary animal

[The Imaginary animal]


text, staging and painting Valère Novarina

from 20 Septembre to 13 October 2019 - Main Theater

from Wednesday to Saturday at 8:30 pm, Tuesday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 3:30 pm

Hearing even the first voices of animals: disturbing, hilarious, childish. Seek to dig all the caves of language. Open other galleries - in the body of languages. Remember that by word we are animals with an open interior. A well is still there, still talking. Descend to language as if in a body. Languages live and think, secretly, deep down, like a mysterious nameless brain, an ancestor's knowledge.

Valère Novarina

"Voie négative"

After the creation of The Man Beside Himself in September 2017, Valère Novarina and Wajdi Mouawad pursued the thread of a conversation in which the concept of writing was implied. They skimmed through considerations about time, space and the perpetual entry of the actor on stage, who enters to give, convey, carry, deliver, almost like a courier, who after parking his vehicle, delivers his package : speech. But where do Valère Novarina’s actors come from? From an antechamber that separates the stage from the setting of a catastrophe? The setting of horror? Or the backstage of a puppet show? After The Red Origin, The Unknown Act and The Stage, a new show is born for the Grand Theatre. 

artistic team

Text, staging and painting Valère Novarina

with Manuel Le Lièvre, Julie Kpéré, Dominique Parent, Claire Sermonne, Agnès Sourdillon, René Turquois, Nicolas Struve, Valérie Vinci et Christian Paccoud

Artistic associate Céline Schaeffer

music Christian Paccoud with a part by Mathias Lévy

scenography Jean-Baptiste Née

lighting Joël Hourbeigt

dramaturgs Roséliane Goldstein et Adélaïde Pralon

costumes Charlotte Villermet

stage manager Richard Pierre

Photo © Ossifère de Valère Novarina, huile sur toile
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production/diffusion Séverine Péan and Emilia Petrakis / PLATÔ
production déléguée L’Union des contraires
coproduction La Colline – théâtre national


L’Union des contraires is supported by the DGCA – ministère de la Culture

partenaires du spectacle

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