My brothers

[My brothers]


written by Pascal Rambert

directed by Arthur Nauzyciel

from 22 September to 21 October 2020 - Main Theater

Wednesday to Saturday at 8.30pm, Tuesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 3.30pm

recess on Sunday 27 September

A house in the woods hosts four brothers: Pascal, Laurent, Frédéric, Arthur. They are loggers or carpenters. There is also Marie, the handmaid. Their desires, their thoughts, their words, merge towards Marie, who radically asserts her liberty. They growl, they wail, they bray, they unfold their fantasies and their nights. Are they dreaming? She, taking back her power over men, will go as far as devouring. 

My brothers evokes masculine desire turning into an obsession and the power of the woman who overturns the codes imposed by the brothers. Just like a tale, an animist poem or a love ritual, My brothers tells of consuming thirst, a fleeing life-line

artistic team

written by Pascal Rambert

directed by Arthur Nauzyciel

performed by Marie-Sophie Ferdane, Pascal Greggory, Arthur NauzycielFrédéric Pierrot, Laurent Poitrenaux

scenography Riccardo Hernandez

lighting Scott Zielinski

sound design Xavier Jacquot

Photo © Abby Savage
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Théâtre National de Bretagne

La Colline – théâtre national



created in 2018 at Théâtre National de Bretagne



Le texte de la pièce Mes frères de Pascal Rambert est paru aux Solitaires Intempestifs
en mars 2020.

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