written and directed by  Wajdi Mouawad

inspired by Annick Bergeron and Nayla Mouawad

from 8 to 23 December 2020 - Main Theater

Wednesday to Saturday at 8.30pm, Tuesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 3.30pm

Montreal - Ottawa. Where does this storm, that paralyses traffic and torments the hearts come from? Crispy snow, slippery road. Behind the wheel of her Ford Taurus, Genevieve Bergeron is overwhelmed by an emotion which blows through the interstice of her consciousness and thaws her tears. “Je ne suis qu’une chanson…” [I’m just a song] But what is it that moves her like that? Not the lyrics of Ginette Reno’s song playing on the radio. Not the pathetic burst of this song interpreted by the Quebecker diva. No. It is the acknowledgement of an absence. The absence of something essential and the lacking buried inside, the forgotten senses and silenced feelings. What Geneviève doesn’t yet know, is that this emotional shock portends a collision which will occur with another solitary body that will appear from the mist. A collision which will make the two feminine beings the recipient of greater History, its violence and the way in which the intimacy of beings can resist Time’s brutality. Soeurs is the second part of a cycle of plays entitled Domestique which began with Seuls in 2008. The third part Mère [Mother] will be created at La Colline in 2021. 

artistic team

written and directed by Wajdi Mouawad

inspired by Annick Bergeron and Nayla Mouawad

performed by Annick Bergeron

staging assistant Alain Roy

dramaturgy Charlotte Farcet

scénography and scratches Emmanuel Clolus

lighting Éric Champoux with Éric Le Brec’h

video Dominique Daviet and Wajdi Mouawad

costumes Emmanuelle Thomas

music lead Christelle Franca

composition David Drury

sound design Michel Maurer

make-up Angelo Barsetti

Photo © Pascal Gely
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La Colline – théâtre national


Au Carré de l’Hypoténuse France & Abé Carré Cé Carré Québec – compagnies de création, le Grand T– théâtre de Loire-Atlantique, Théâtre national de Chaillot, Théâtre de l’Archipel – Scène nationale de Perpignan, Quartz – Scène nationale de Brest


The text Sisters (Sœurs in French) by Wajdi Mouawad has been published in 2015 by Leméac / Actes Sud-Papiers

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On répète, on crée
Wajdi Mouawad
1 January — 26 April
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