created at La Colline


written and directed Alexandra Badea

This show is staged at partner venues from February 3rd to 5th 2021

I don't like the calling "children in a difficult situation"

It's an awful tag. 

As if they came into the world with a birth defect.

No one is born like that.

Alexandra Badea

Class-passing [Transfuges]

Alexandra Badea continues her dramatic art work focusing on fragmented identity and quest for the self. With her new play, Class-passing, she collaborates with students from ESAD – Dramatic Art School of Paris.

Class-passing  is the story of a family over three generations. A man, who was placed within child services in order to avoid a violent father, returns after 15 years of absence. Will he forget ? Will he be accepted by his own ? He has a class-passing son, former drug dealer who became a famous writer, and the latter is unmasked by the woman he loves. Facing that, should he tell the truth or should he buy her silence ? Twenty years later, his children suffer from their ancestors betrayals and lies. Will they be able to fix what their ancestors ruined ?


Class-passing was performed in February 2021 at partner venues (highschools and associations). 

artistic team

written and directed by Alexandra Badea

with students of ESAD Paris Coline Barthelemy, Pierre-Edouard Baudoin, Alexandra Blajovici, Louisa Chas, Victoria Chéné, Benjamin Grangier, Mikaël Gravier, Mathilde Hasemann, Alice Jalleau, Sébastien Kheroufi, Gwenaëlle Martin, Nadège Rigault and Etienne Thomas

© Tuong-Vi Nguyen
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