created at La Colline
The Innocents, I and the Stranger on the side of the departmental road

[The Innocents, I and the Stranger on the side of the departmental road]


written and translated by Peter Handke

directed by Alain Françon

from 3 to 29 March 2020 - Main Theater

Wednesday to Saturday at 8.30pm, Tuesday at 7.30pm and Sunday 3.30pm

duration 2h30

recess on Sunday 8 March

The story takes place on the side of a secondary road, a place of slow-paced passages, of travels from a village to another, but also of rest.  A timeless place. The departmental road appears like a breathing space and transforms the surroundings into an outside world to watch and imagine.

The hero, the “I”, is a multiplicity of entities: the playwright, the epic storyteller the narrator.  And who is the Stranger? Hoped for, ardently desired, will she be at the meeting point? 

In order to voice Peter Handke’s most recent play, Alain Françon calls upon his recurring actors, including Dominique Valadié and Gilles Privat.

artistic team

written and translated by Peter Handke

directed by Alain Françon

performed by Pierre-François Garel, Gilles Privat, Sophie Semin, Dominique Valadié 

and Laurence Côte, Daniel Dupont, Yannick Gonzalez, Sophie LacombeGuillaume Lévêque, Hélène N’Suka, Joseph Rolandez, Sylviane Simonet

staging assistant Sophie Lacombe

decors Jacques Gabel

lighting Joël Hourbeigt

costumes Marie La Rocca

music Marie-Jeanne Séréro

sound design Léonard Françon

choreography Caroline Marcadé

hair and make-up Cécile Kretschmar

© sketch by Peter Handke. "Les méandres noirs du bitume sur la route ici, il les voit comme une partition de musique"
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Théâtre des nuages de neige


La Colline – théâtre national, MC2: Grenoble, Théâtre National de Strasbourg

created at La Colline


The text The Innocents, I and the Stranger on the side of the departmental road (Les Innocents, Moi et l’Inconnue au bord de la route départementale in french) by Peter Handke will be published in march 2020 by Gallimard

audio-described performance

On Sunday 22 March at 15:30pm and Tuesday 24 March at 19:30 pm


More informations : Johanne Peyras, +33 1 44 52 62 27

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