Odyssey. A Story for Hollywood

[Odyssey. A Story for Hollywood]


a show by Krzysztof Warlikowski

after Homère and Hanna Krall in collaboration with Wajdi Mouawad

from 21 to 29 November 2020 - Main Theater

Wednesday to Saturday at 8.30pm, Tuesday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 3.30pm

performance in Polish with French surtitles


Le Roi de cœur 

The Odyssey is an attempt to return home, which ended, in European’s history’s case, by the unutterable extermination camps.

Through Warlikowski and his team’s distinctive Odyssey, it will be more about the travels of Izolda than that of Ulysses. Izolda is a heroine of History who, in the 1940’s, desperate to find her husband incarcerated in a camp, got herself deported.

Years later, hoping the film of her life would be made, imagining Elizabeth Taylor playing her character, she tells her story to Hanna Krall who writes a novel about it: Chasing the King of Hearts.

Odyssey. A scenario for Hollywood is equally inspired by Homer, Hanna Krall and 20th century texts. Poetic breaches will be opened from this unfulfilled dream, a fantasy that never came to be. 

artistic team

a show by Krzysztof Warlikowski

after Homère and Hanna Krall in collaboration with Wajdi Mouawad

adaptation Krzysztof Warlikowski, Piotr Gruszczynski

dramaturgy Piotr Gruszczynski

scenography and costumes Małgorzata Szczesniak

music Paweł Mykietyn

video Denis Guéguin

video animations Kamil Polak

choreography Claude Bardouil

lighting design Felice Ross

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Nowy Teatr Varsovie


La Colline - théâtre national, Greek Festival - Athens & Epidaurus Festival, La Comédie de Clermont-Ferrand, le Festival de Otono - Espagne, Printemps des Comédiens, Montpellier

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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