Points of no return [Seine Quayside]

text and staging Alexandra Badea

from 7 November to 1st December 2019 - Small Theater

from Wednesday to Saturday at 8 pm, Tuesday at 7 pm and Sunday at 4 pm

I don't know these people, I'll never know them. Am I allowed to fantasize about their past?
I'm no longer in the documentary business, I'm slipping into fiction. I betray? I don't know. I don't know.
We have betrayed so much, lied so much, that we no longer know the truth. Impossible to grasp it. One can only imagine it.

Alexandra Badea

"Points of no return [Thiaroye]"

For the second part of her trilogy Points of no return, Alexandra Badea, stages at the center of her play, the character of Nora, a radio documentary director for French public radio. On a trip to Algeria, while following the traces of her grandfather whom she never met, Nora tries to fill the silences of her father about his own origins. On this quest, she will be confronted with the complexity of the Algerian war, less Manichaean than at the time of the fighting between the independentists and the pro-French Algeria. What responsibility does History hold in the tearing apart of this family of mixed origins, just like so many others? It is a question that connects all the characters of this three-part portrait, the first of which, entitled [Thiaroye], was created at La Colline in September 2018. Alexandra Badea and her troop of actresses and actors continue their journey through the contemporary and more than ever, universal, History of France.  

artistic team

text and staging Alexandra Badea

with Amine Adjina, Madalina Constantin, Kader Lassina Touré, Thierry Raynaud, Sophie Verbeeck, Alexandra Badea

scenography Velica Panduru

lighting Sébastien Lemarchand

sound composer Nihil

video Sorin Dorian Dragoi (RSC)

staging assistant Amélie Vignals

Photo © Velica Panduru
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La Colline – théâtre national


After the publication of [Thiaroye] in September 2018, the text of the second part is to be published in 2019 by L’Arche Éditeur

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