Unbearbably Long Embraces

text by Ivan Viripaev, staging by Galin Stoev

from 18 January to 10 February 2019 - Small Theater

Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm, Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday at 4pm

I meet you, you meet me.

My affection meets yours,

and the universe is expanding.

"Unbearbably Long Embraces"

It all starts in present day New York, where 30 year old heartbroken Monica, Charlie, Amy and Christophe live with precarious fates. From New York to Berlin, while enjoying parties, drugs, sex and violence, all four meet, either seducing, loving or hating each other. Their wanderings illustrate a feeling of failure embraced by a generation in a perpetual quest of pleasure, redefining radically the parameters of freedom. 

Ivan Viripaev started his career as a playwright at the beginning of the year 2000, when his play Oxygen (Oxygène) placed him in the first rank as one of the world’s most staged Russian playwrights. Viripaev’s companionship with Galin Stoev goes far back, the latter staged five of his French translated texts, amongst which Danse Delhi presented in 2011 at La Colline. 

artistic team

text Ivan Viripaev
staging Galin Stoev
with Pauline Desmet, Sébastien Eveno, Nicolas Gonzales, Marie Kauffmann
translation Galin Stoev et  Sacha Carlson
scenography Alban Ho Van
video Arié van Egmond
lighting Elsa Revol
sound designer Joan Cambon
staging assistant Virginie Ferrere
décor building Ateliers du ThéâtredelaCité
directed by Claude Gaillard
costume making Ateliers du ThéâtredelaCité
directed by Nathalie Trouvé

Photo © illustration d'Alexandra Georgieva
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ThéâtredelaCité – CDN Toulouse Occitanie
coproduction La Colline – théâtre national, Théâtre de Liège, DC&J Création 

with Inver Tax Shelter of Gouvernement fédéral de Belgique


creation at ThéâtredelaCité, Toulouse - 4 december 2018

ThéâtredelaCité, Toulouse, from 4 to 21 december 2018
Théâtre populaire romand - La Chaux-de-Fonds, Neuchâtel, 11 & 12 january 2019
Théâtre de la place, Liège, from 13 to 16 february 2019

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