Vues Lumière

From an idea of and staged Isabelle Lafon

from 10 May to 5 June 2019 - Small Theater

from Wednesday to Saturday at 8pm, Tuesday at 7pm and Sunday at 4pm

There is nothing freer, wilder, more indomitable, more irresponsible than words...

Virginia Woolf

"Le Métier"

The title Vues Lumière refers to the first films of the history of cinema produced by the Lumière brothers in the late 19th century. Their characteristics are to be short and to present only one point of view on a given subject. That’s where the poetry of these accounts on film lies : a silent movement and endless out of frame mystery.
What does this group of five women and one man reveal and what does it mask ? 
Esther works in a school canteen, Fonfon is a mechanic, Irène is a cleaner for private companies, Georges is a landscape worker for the city of Paris, Sali is a childminder and Martin is a night watchman in a hotel. They all decide to get together once a week in a social centre in the East of Paris. 

Isabelle Lafon returns to La Colline having presented her trilogy, Les Insoumises [The unbobowed], in 2016 : Deux ampoules sur cinq, Let me Try, L’Opoponax

artistic team

From an idea of and staged Isabelle Lafon

With, collective writing, Éléonore Briganti, Karyll Elgrichi, Pierre‑Félix Gravière, Johanna Korthals Altes, Isabelle Lafon, Judith Périllat

assistant Marion Canelas

intern assistant Ariane Laget

lighting Marion Hewlett

with the precious collaboration of Vassili Schémann

administration Daniel Schémann

Photo © Joanna Korthals Altes
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MC2: Grenoble – Scène nationaleCompagnie Les Merveilleuses
coproduction La Colline – théâtre national

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